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Thai Fitness Class: Ages 8 years and above

Our Thai Fitness class is primarily designed for fitness, cardio, and to allow focused run through of Thai Boxing drills learned in the other classes. However, if you are new to the classes, you do not need any experience in the drills, as you will be taken through them (with both striking and pad-holding) in small pieces during the rounds. 

The class exclusively consists of drill-based training using Thai pads, and is based around various combinations of striking techniques – kicks, punches, knees and elbows - during 3 minute rounds. 

Muay Thai Fitness
Thai Boxing for Fitness

This class promotes improvements to your timing, the use of body mechanics to increase power, and developing an increased economy of motion alongside balance, co-ordination, increased cardiovascular fitness. It uses many of the same principles as HIIT/Tabata, but with added kicking and striking.


There is no starting fitness requirement, the only thing you will need is a willing disposition! We currently cater for all manner of ages, abilities and health conditions, and all drills can be adapted where necessary depending on your starting position, physical capabilities, and personal goals.

As an addition, this class is a great way to let off steam and get rid of stress, as there is nothing better after a hard week than letting it all out on a set of pads. It is currently many of our members favourite class of all! 

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