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Wolf Pack Children’s Class (5-12 years)

Why call our classes 'Wolf Pack'? A wolf pack is a large, family group where individuals work together so that everyone can achieve no matter their level within the pack. This ties in with our emphasis of respect, concentration, self-worth, discipline and teamwork that we encourage children to apply both at home and at school.

In our Wolf Pack classes, we concentrate on the fundamental principles behind martial arts, such as movement, co-ordination, posture, balance, and footwork. To do this we apply these fundamental principles to a variety of techniques from a range of martial arts, such as Karate, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do and Kali. 

Safe Martial Arts for All Ages

This provides our younger members with a focus for the classes, where they are often working on multiple principles in a safe, controlled manner without realising it. Because our Wolf Pack classes are principle based, younger students of different ages will acquire different skills and benefits.

For example, a younger child (5-7) may learn what a technique is and how it is performed, whereas older children will gain a deeper understanding of the same technique, such as why it works (incorporating some basic biology - muscle structure and joint composition) and when it is suitable to be used, as well as some variations in application.

Kids Martial Arts Classes

From a physical perspective this gives children a better understanding of themselves and how their muscles work to power their movement, and promotes a productive, active lifestyle that can be pursued for a lifetime. Coupled with this is a strong social element fostered within the classes themselves, as well as situational awareness (stranger danger, anti-bullying, keep safe program) and life skills such as confidence, self reliance, problem solving and determination.

Whether it’s a desire to see children spend less time on a games console and more time being active, giving children confidence or helping them with their approach to schoolwork through perseverance and dedication, our Wolf Pack class will help your child achieve their current goals and prepare them for future ones. This is all taught in an enjoyable, engaging and above all, safe environment by a fully qualified instructor. Not only will your child learn plenty but they will have masses of fun doing so.

Our children’s class is the ideal introduction to martial arts for youngsters.

Frequently asked questions

We are sure that, as parents and guardians, there are any number of questions you have when considering whether you wish to bring your child to a martial arts class (and, more importantly, deciding which class/club to choose!).

We have therefore put together some frequently asked questions below, which we hope will assist you in making this important decision. However, we fully understand that all circumstances are different, therefore whilst we have tried to answer some of the more common questions, please use the contact us form if you cannot find an answer, or want some additional information, and we will be happy to call you to discuss further.

What is your DBS/Insurance status?

Do you offer gradings and/or competitions?

What equipment is needed for the children's class?

Martial Arts for Confidence and Awareness
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