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Fighting for Autism Affiliation

Knight School of Martial Arts is proud to have been affiliated with Fighting for Autism since February 2020.

Our chief instructor, Mike Knight, is a Coach Ambassador, and one of our most experienced junior students, Isabelle, is a Junior Ambassador.

The below content is taken from the Fighting for Autism Facebook page 

Fighting for Autism - blog

Fighting for Autism UK & Ireland - Facebook

Fighting for Autism is a non profit organisation that proudly works with children, families and communities to bring Autism Awareness and inclusion amongst different cultures, to help with self esteem and anti-bullying programs for children and adults living on the autism spectrum.


Fighting for Autism Club affiliate

Fighting for Autism's Managing Directors know first hand about living with Autism, as each Director of our organisation is a parent of a child with Autism. We strive to raise awareness and gain acceptance for those on the spectrum and the their loved ones, through the boxing and martial art communities, whose support has been phenomenal.


We have around 250+ Ambassadors from the Martial Arts and Boxing World's and with high profile athletes, coaches students and martial arts promotions and further afield around the globe, along with boxing clubs and martial arts schools who are helping to raise Autism awareness together and actively be in the corner for those on the spectrum.

Fighting for Autism Coach Ambassador
Fighting for Autism Junior Ambassador
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