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Mike Knight (& his wonderful wife) are creating an atmosphere in their martial arts sessions that is just special. It’s fun yet respectful, it’s strict yet flexible, easy to follow yet challenging at the same time.

The biggest surprise for me was that it’s not just training for the physical body. The incredibly positive impact it has had over the last 2.5years for my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is something I didn’t expect - but I’m deeply grateful for.

It’s like finding an extra family you never knew you needed. The support I’ve had over the last few years from Mike & Steph (and the other students) is just outstanding. It’s not only about the martial arts - it’s about creating a special place where you can be yourself.

Plus kicking ass and looking cool doing it (because you know - good training!!) — it’s just the best

—  H.F - Family Class, Kali Class, Thai Fitness

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