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Welcome to Knight School of Martial Arts!

Our club ethos is to provide fun, safe and in-depth martial arts training to children and adults of all ages, abilities and experience. We specialise in providing high quality, tailored instruction which is designed to help students to achieve their full potential, whatever their starting point.

Whether you are looking for fitness, confidence, coordination, concentration or wellbeing, we believe that martial arts will help you achieve it. We aim to foster an inclusive, supportive environment to enable everyone to succeed.

Knight School of Martial Arts is a family run, family oriented club which aims to help everyone achieve their goals and learn some fantastic skills, whether you wish to learn martial arts but have a historic injury that requires an alternative approach, or have adaptive needs and require tailored support. We are very proud to have partnered with the Fighting for Autism initiative. 

Knight School of Martial Arts
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If you have any specific questions that are not covered here, or would like any additional information, please contact us and we are happy to see how we can help.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Knight School family!

Who are Knight School of Martial Arts?

Knight School of Martial Arts was formed in 2019, when
Mike Knight opened his own club after teaching under the banner
of Anthony Pillage, who sadly passed away. 

Mike has been training in martial arts since 2003 but, after
recovering from a car accident in 2005 he began pursuing 
martial arts with a view to one day teaching. 

Originally training in Karate Jutsu and achieving the level of
3rd Dan (Third Degree black belt) under Anthony Pillage (5th Dan), he has complimented this over the years by researching and training in several other martial arts. In 2009 he discovered Kali, a traditional Filipino martial art, which he found a real passion for. In addition to training in Kali, Mike has also trained in Jeet Kune Do, Thai Kickboxing and Kyusho Jutsu.

Mike has been teaching martial arts for over 10 years, providing classes for adults and children, personal 1-1 sessions, family classes and community outreach groups for children and young adults with a range of adaptive needs. In addition to his 3rd Dan, Mike is a fully qualified Level 3 instructor in Kyusho Jutsu and an Associate Instructor under the renowned Guro Rick Faye and continues to train with the Minnesota Kali Group to further his own knowledge and experience within the art.

Mike has also taught at a national level at UK based expositions such as Kaizen and nationwide events raising money for various charities, as well as being invited as a recurring guest instructor at clubs across the UK, and he can be regularly seen on the UK seminar circuit.

Mike's wife, Stephanie, was introduced to martial arts by Mike
in 2009, and holds a 2nd Dan (Second Degree black belt)
under Anthony Pillage and is also an Associate Instructor with the
Minnesota Kali Group.

Having a background in medieval re-enactment and stage
combat, Stephanie found she had a real affinity for Kali when
she was first introduced to it. She can most often be seen
assisting Mike in his classes, but is also an excellent instructor in
her own right; especially in the weaponised arts, with a specialty in working 1on1 or in small groups within the main class for students that need additional support or adaptations 

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